By: Dan Staines 22/04/09 04:21:21 PM

Don't pretend you wouldn't play it.

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By: Patrick Alexander 31/03/09 06:53:54 PM


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By: Patrick Alexander 22/08/08 05:35:08 PM

No-one's done the banana yet, right?

This will get us on Digg for sure!

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By: Patrick Alexander 11/08/08 06:47:58 PM

Last year, before Eegra launched, I requested an interview of my hero, Tim Schafer, to which he kindly and generously agreed. "I'd be happy to answer some questions," he said. "If you email me some, and not too too many, I'll try to answer them asap."

Hewwo.Greedy fool that I was, it was not enough! I flung Tim's magnanimous offer back into his noble face. "NO!" I screeched. "It can't be an email interview; they're dumb! Dumb like you!" I demanded that he fly me to San Francisco and give me a three-hour face-to-face interview, then adopt me and raise me as his own. Anything less, I insisted, would be unacceptable; any other action, the action of a stingy, spiteful, fat-faced fiend.

He never replied to that email, and, long story short, we've ultimately had to do the interview without him.

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By: Patrick Alexander 10/06/08 08:32:43 AM

Mr SobbypantsThe great thing about game mascots with cat faces is that anyone can make them at home, using toilet rolls, pipe cleaners and crêpe paper. Here are a few more examples to help you get started!

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By: Patrick Alexander 16/05/08 06:15:49 PM


Like the title says.

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By: Patrick Alexander 09/05/08 12:59:07 PM

YES BITCHES THAT'S RIGHTNow that I'm no longer in Japan, it's time to do a feature all about Japan!

Do you know about Engrish, readers and readerettes? If your answer is 'no', you ought to visit and learn all about it. YOU REALLY OUGHT.

Or, you could just read this feature! Actually that sounds like a better idea. Do that.

(It is just pictures, so no need to worry about straining yourself.)

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By: Patrick Alexander 02/05/08 09:30:25 AM


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By: Patrick Alexander 21/04/08 08:29:57 AM

I bet you thought our video of Sonic the Hedgehog doing a merry jig was pretty cool, eh? Well so did we! But CHECK THIS OUT; this is OFF THE FREAKING HOOK:

We are happy to be your number one source for quality videos of Sonic dancing.

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By: Patrick Alexander 18/04/08 03:15:42 PM

"I hope my head doesn't come off!"I had planned to review Patapon today, but I'm still quite sick, so I asked my good friend Mr Blobbypants to fill in for me. He was happy to help, because he comes from Smiley Cloud Land and was raised by sunshine, and is a bit of a pushover, frankly. I hope you enjoy his wondrous thingo!

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