By: Patrick Alexander 30/09/08 01:58:54 AM

PEEP PEEP, HERE COMES THE PUSAre you a ‘bedroom’ game designer? Better yet, are you a would-be bedroom game designer – passionate about videogames and eager to make one, but you don’t know where to start, or you’re finding it a bit overwhelming? Toronto’s Artsy Games Incubator may be of great interest to you! Oh yes. Great interest.

So, you know – read this interview I done did.

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By: Dan Staines 15/04/08 03:52:01 PM

LAWDY.Never has the left wing bias of the videogame press been so painfully evident than in the recent controversy over the preview trailer for Resident Evil 5.

According to Newsweek blogger and Islamofascist sympathiser, N’Gai Croal, the trailer’s depiction of an athletic, attractive, well-adjusted white man shooting shiftless Negro zombies is charged with “classic racist imagery”.

What a load of bleeding heart baloney.

As some of the more articulate and level-headed members of the gaming community have already pointed out, the only reason Croal and his cadre of chardonnay-sipping socialist cronies are upset with the trailer is because the zombies in it are black. If Chris Redfield were gunning down white zombies, or Asian zombies, or Rob Zombie, then of course there wouldn’t be a problem.

After all, where was Croal’s blustering outrage when Resident Evil 4 was released? Oh, but that’s right – the zombies in that game were Spanish. Like white people, Spaniards have a murky colonial history, which means you can shoot as many of them as you like and your friends in the commune won’t think any less of you for it.

Predictably, Croal defends his selective indignation by pulling out the old ‘historical context’ chestnut so popular with post-modern academics and other left leaning intelligentsia. According to him, the reason it’s offensive to show a white man gunning down blacks, and not vice-versa, is because (and people like Croal never tire of reminding us of this) white men have a history of gunning down blacks.

Never mind the fact that most white people have never shot a black person in their lives, or that Japan – where Resident Evil 5 is being made – doesn’t even have black people. For screeching pinkos like Croal, facts like these are irrelevant. For them, the truth is only important insofar as it can be used to make someone feel guilty.


It's okay to shoot us. We're white(ish)!

What’s most troubling about all this is how quickly and uncritically the rest of the gaming press has adopted Croal’s crybaby attitude. That unapologetic communists like Leigh Alexander and Brian Ashcraft have jumped on the bandwagon is hardly surprising, but to see the controversy regurgitated on sites like 1UP and Joystiq – sites that I once considered bastions of right-thinking games journalism – is saddening to say the least.

It’s all part of the slow but inexorable liberalisation of the games media. First the founders of Penny Arcade publicly revel in their homosexuality, then somebody accuses LocoRoco of being the videogame equivalent of Mein Kampf, and now Resident Evil 5 will probably be banned because a few hyper sensitive bloggers can’t stand to see a videogame where Caucasians aren’t the villains.

But let me ask you: how far will we let them go? Will we let them gag Mario because his endearing faux-Italian gibberish is culturally insensitive? Will we let them change Duke Nukem from a macho, alien-blasting, cigar-smoking everyman into a Hispanic lesbian naturopath? Will we let them ruin videogames altogether?

Will we?

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