By: Patrick Alexander 03/09/10 05:13:27 PM

So I haven't drawn a comic in months -- not for Eegra, not for anywhere. But what I have done is the artwork for an album of cute, sort-of-but-not-exactly chiptune music, called Sound Club Sweet. Look, look!

Woof warf yip yip bark; myow myow lick lick prrr, prrr.

This is what you see when you grab handfuls of sugar and just grind it into your eyeballs. (I know because that's how I came up with the concept.) Even now you can feel the tiny sweet crystals clawing and scratching through to your brain. There is nothing to fear. In fact, make this image your desktop wallpaper.

('Desktop wallpaper' is a stupid arse of a phrase, isn't it. Think about it.)

In addition to the artwork for Sound Club Sweet, I also did ALL OF THE MUSIC, HA HAAA, YESSS, THAT'S RIGHT. You wanna hear it? Well it's right...


What happened was, I contributed to the TIGSource 'assemblee' competition last year, with a few little tunes I put together during the month. And I enjoyed making them so much, I thought, "I'm going to make a few more, then put it all together and call it an album." And do you know, that is just what I did. THE END. You too can achieve your dreams, if you have a positive attitude and a huge, huge penis.

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By: Patrick Alexander 20/01/09 10:49:36 PM

Steamy, streamy version:

Downloadable MP3 here; RSS feed here.

Dan, bleary and bug-eyed, finished editing this episode in the early hours, and the result is a leaner, tighter episode than the first couple, with ripped abs and hot buns. Let us know what you think on the forums. (Or by email or by blogging about it or whatever.)



(Blue text indicates music)

0:00 – Intro and cephalopods
2:27Spelunky by Derek Yu, and other games too
16:15 – De De Mouse – hill girl steps
25:53Donkey Kong: Jungle Beat, and ‘emergent rhythms’ in games
35:50Metroid Prime 2 – Hydrodynamo Station
40:34 – Criticising criticising games journalism / N’Gai Croal is a cool guy
53:00 – Shout-outs; a swipe at Kotaku just out of habit
56:49Animal Crossing – 1:00pm
1:00:58 – Nicholas Nickleby by Charles Dickens

General Links

The Other OctoPodcast
/ TIGSource
Yuji Naka and his bored, resentful staff
Games Journalism Symposium (v. important!!!)
Total Gamer sorta-retrospective (scroll down; it’s a list of links)
Robotronic Dynamite!
This Little Piggy
/ Shadaloo insignia (and wallpaper)

Music Links

De De Mouse / De De Mouse MySpace


DAN EDIT: The Nicholas Nickleby bit was a bit soft before, so I fixed it – the new file is now up. Hooray!

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By: Dan Staines 06/12/08 08:55:34 AM

Truly we did! Here is the streaming version:

And here is the downloadable version.

Now, as Patrick and I are both new to the casting of pods, we're still trying to figure out what works and what doesn't. So! If you have any suggestions to help us improve the show (and ultimately we would like to make it a show), then by all means, post it in the forums. Or, if the idea of interacting with a group of strangers on the internet terrifies you, you can also email us. Either way is fine.

On a related note, if anyone can think of a good name for our podcast, we'd appreciate it if you could tell us. Whoever comes up with the best name (i.e., the one we end up using) will win a prize of some sort. Not sure what yet. A t-shirt, maybe? A drawing? Who knows! It'll be good, though!

FORGETFUL RETARD EDIT: Here is our special, soon-to-be-iTunes-enabled podcast feed. Naturally, you'll find out when there's a new podcast if you subscribe to our regular feed too, but you know – there it is anyway.

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By: Patrick Alexander 13/10/08 12:56:28 PM

I’ll just repeat that: Mario music, being played on an accordion, and there is also a kitten.

For the record, you have all just fallen in love with Valery Pinchuk. Thanks for sending in the best video in the universe, Valery.

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By: Patrick Alexander 22/08/08 05:35:08 PM

No-one's done the banana yet, right?

This will get us on Digg for sure!

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By: Patrick Alexander 12/01/08 10:34:23 PM

Since I mentioned it in that last post, here is the new YMCK video! I think it may be their most ambitious to date. It's very nice, anyway. The song is called 'Starlight' and it's from their new album, 'Family Genesis' -- OUT JANUARY 16, IN SHOPS.

Maybe I will go to a YMCK show later this month.

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