By: Patrick Alexander 03/09/10 05:13:27 PM

So I haven't drawn a comic in months -- not for Eegra, not for anywhere. But what I have done is the artwork for an album of cute, sort-of-but-not-exactly chiptune music, called Sound Club Sweet. Look, look!

Woof warf yip yip bark; myow myow lick lick prrr, prrr.

This is what you see when you grab handfuls of sugar and just grind it into your eyeballs. (I know because that's how I came up with the concept.) Even now you can feel the tiny sweet crystals clawing and scratching through to your brain. There is nothing to fear. In fact, make this image your desktop wallpaper.

('Desktop wallpaper' is a stupid arse of a phrase, isn't it. Think about it.)

In addition to the artwork for Sound Club Sweet, I also did ALL OF THE MUSIC, HA HAAA, YESSS, THAT'S RIGHT. You wanna hear it? Well it's right...


What happened was, I contributed to the TIGSource 'assemblee' competition last year, with a few little tunes I put together during the month. And I enjoyed making them so much, I thought, "I'm going to make a few more, then put it all together and call it an album." And do you know, that is just what I did. THE END. You too can achieve your dreams, if you have a positive attitude and a huge, huge penis.

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By: Dan Staines 24/05/09 01:44:15 PM

Just getting his tennis ball back.

Welcome to Sunday Sundries: a new regular feature in which we try to compensate for our shameful lack of updates with a few links and videos. After all, if we can't satisfy your needs, then the least we can do is point you in the direction of some people who can.

Scirra Construct
Construct is a free utility for creating DirectX 9-based games and applications. I've not tried it myself, but Patrick has and he says that it "seems as easy to use, for non-programmers, as Game Maker claims to be." So there you go: if Patrick likes it, maybe you will too. Or maybe you won't. I don't care either way, to be honest.

Vegavox 2
"Alex Mauer and No Carrier return to a cathode ray television near you with Vegavox 2, featuring more NES graphics and musical goodness. Travel to a remote forest, up a neverending castle, or far into the depths of space and psyche, the choice is yours! It’s only a D-Pad button press away." In other words: chiptunes with authentic NES visuals delivered via ROM or – if you want to spend some money – cartridge. What a wonderful idea!

Apparently illustrated by Trudy Cooper of Platinum Grit fame, Oglaf is a sexy and remarkably clever webcomic chock full of boobs and doodles and other NSFW type stuff. If you're over 18 and don't mind looking at illustrated naughty bits, then you should totally check it out. I think you'll probably like it.

John Pertwee (The Third Doctor) Reviews Dark Forces
I don't give a crap about Doctor Who, but this is just adorable.

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By: Dan Staines 10/07/08 04:00:47 AM

Boys tartan combat trousers, from the Baby Punk range. Hello! I have a new bit of Reader Radness for you - specifically, a new column for our long-neglected Trouserful of Melody section by forum celebrity and all-round cool dude, Gatas Brilhantes. Patch and I like this column so much that we've decided to let Mr. Brilhantes update the Trousers whenever he wants, FREE OF CHARGE. So, yes, expect more excellence of this sort in the near future ... if you dare!

In other news: GODDAMN IT.

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By: Patrick Alexander 02/02/08 11:40:42 AM

So cute!Hello dears! One week ago, I went to Fami-mode, an all-night 8bit music party in Tokyo, featuring YMCK, Sexy Synthesizer, and other bands of a like nature. Did you go too? No? Well read my wonderful article and be transported there, with the magic of words! Whee-hee-hee!

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By: Patrick Alexander 21/01/08 03:26:15 PM

I SAID SAY CHEESE YOU BASTARDS, YOU CALL THAT SAYING CHEESE?!Hello, I wrote another article about videogame-related music, you know how I do. This one is all about chiptunes, mostly. Read it now with your eyes and brain!


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By: Patrick Alexander 15/01/08 08:56:28 AM

Hey fellers! Remember when I posted about Points, that excellent video series about videogame culture in Tokyo and whatnot? By the world-famous Jason DeGroot aka 6955?

Well there's a new episode! Yaaay! It's about...

(1) 'My Famicase', an exhibition of new, original Famicom cartridge designs by hip cats, and

(2) Fami-mode, an all-night chiptune party, this year featuring YMCK, Kplecraft, 6955 himself, and a bunch of other hella-neato musicians and happenings! Remember how I said I might go to a YMCK show later this month? Well this is the one. And I am going. I will try to take some photos for you.

Each episode of Points is accompanied by an episode guide, with information and links and so on, so make sure you check out the Points website for all that and a bag of potatoes.

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By: Patrick Alexander 12/01/08 10:34:23 PM

Since I mentioned it in that last post, here is the new YMCK video! I think it may be their most ambitious to date. It's very nice, anyway. The song is called 'Starlight' and it's from their new album, 'Family Genesis' -- OUT JANUARY 16, IN SHOPS.

Maybe I will go to a YMCK show later this month.

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