By: Patrick Alexander 10/03/08 02:33:19 PM

I was hoping to have Part One of my Kenichi Nishi/Skip/Archime-DS interview ready for you today, but alack! -- it needs just a bit more work. Expect it sometime Friday! In fact, don't just expect it -- anticipate it, 'cause it's really good. And long!

RUNNING!In the meantime, I suppose you want something to read today, don't you? Well, how about this Japan Times interview with YMCK from a few days back. It's written for normal, newspaper-reading people who don't know what (classic Nintendo action game) Metroid is, so the style is sort of quaint. Plus it uses the band members' full names! I didn't know they had full names!

And if that's not enough, how about this archival interview with wretched slimeball Phil Harrison, from ancient times, when the PlayStation was brand new and taking the world by storm. He is self-congratulatory and tedious, but there are photos of him with hair and baby fat! No jokes!


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By: Patrick Alexander 25/02/08 08:37:23 AM

Hello, rosy-cheeked plebeians! Do you remember our YMCK fanart competition? Well it's over now, and I'm pleased to announce that bloody victory has been achieved by...


...who did this:

It's a YMCK-themed PLASTICINE PLANET, inspired by the band's music videos. In Joob's own words:

the castle, temple, houses, mountains from starlight,
Race track from Panic Racers,
And YMCK's logo surrounded by tetris blocks

So basically it's a big ball of NEATO. Here's the other side:

Pretty awesome, right? Joob even made a slightly dizzying animated .GIF to properly flaunt his splendid handiwork, which you can see by clicking here. (Mirror here.)

Congratulations, Joob! Readers, why not drop by the competition forum thread, and thank Joob, and in fact all our entrants, for sharing their excellent whatsits with us.

SPECIAL MENTION: Forum member chuanoplast almost won, with her adorable and epic cut-out videogame mural. Here's the bit with YMCK in it:

...but you can see the whole thing, and you really ought to, over at her flickr set. I recommend viewing the large versions of each image, to fully enjoy the artwork and all the little details. Totally gorgeous work, chuanoplast -- please enter our next competition, too!


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By: Patrick Alexander 18/02/08 06:40:48 PM

Once again, we trounce the increasingly redundant, good-for-nothing cretins at Kotaku, with their Star Fox birthday cakes, Pac-Man cross-stitch, and similarly ordinary, unexciting crap. Why waste your time with such floppy-dicked falderal, when here at Eegra -- and only here at Eegra -- you can marvel at this SPACE INVADER SNOW SCULPTURE, BITCHES!


Top that, Kotaku! I bloody dare you!

(Taken at the recent Sapporo Snow Festival in, er, Sapporo.)

(Was it sent in by a reader, you ask? Of course it bloody was not. I braved the bitter, bitter cold of northern Japan, and walked around on my own legs, and took this photo of a videogame snowman myself, and adjusted the contrast in Photoshop with my own cracked and bleeding hands -- for you, dear reader, and for all the internet, and for future generations. THIS IS GAMES JOURNALISM, DEAR READER -- THIS IS BLOODY GAMES JOURNALISM RIGHT HERE.)

And now, a YMCK gachapon machine, outside a shop in Sendai that also sold their albums:

HOLY JESUS OF GOD!! I'm hyperventilating!

Seriously, call for help!

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By: Patrick Alexander 18/02/08 08:55:34 AM


Hey fellers and other fellers, this is just a warm and sensitive reminder that today is the last day to ENTER our YMCK COMPETITION, gadzooks! So if you made an entry sometime in the last fortnight and forgot to post it, STOP FORGETTING IMMEDIATELY, because time is RUNNING OUT and you have to DO THINGS.

And heck shucks, you've still got time to make an entry from scratch if you want to. ALL THE COOL KIDS ARE DOING IT. COME ON.


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By: Patrick Alexander 04/02/08 01:26:26 PM

Eegra Presents
The Robyn Grellet Memorial
Fanart Competition

You there! Do you like things? Of course you do! Well we HAVE THINGS. Things that soon, YOU will have – if you can snatch them from our greedy talons, with the power of DRAWING PICTURES!

“What ith thith withardry you thpeak of!?” you sputter violently, so baffled and enraged that your tongue just flops right out and you make a big slobbery mess everywhere. Well calm yourself, dear reader, dab your chin with a sponge, and dear read on.

We all love YMCK. Their tunes are good, their videos are good too, and their live shows are written about on excellent websites by brainy and handsome people. They recently released a new album, and OH MY GOD LOOK!!


Do you know what that is? It is three things, and what they are is...

  • YMCK’s brand new album, Family Genesis
  • A limited edition YMCK sticker and button set, from their 2007 European tour
  • A limited edition and totally freaking rad YMCK gachapon ball, containing a Midori keychain and another little keychain too, I think. I haven’t opened it! It’s not mine! It’s not anyone’s... yet.


All you have to do is draw, paint, craft or in some way make some YMCK fanart, and post it in this forum thread. (If you’re not a forum member, it’s free and easy to join, and you don’t have to post anything ever again if you don’t want to.) The All-Seeing Eye will silently, furiously judge all the entries, and choose one fanart as THE GREATEST FANART. The genius responsible for THE GREATEST FANART will win the things!

Entries will be accepted until midnight, February 18, Japan time, or maybe a little longer if I forget to close the thread. You may enter as many times as you like!

By entering, you are granting Eegra Pty Ltd a non-exclusive license to use your entry in whatever way we like, for all eternity!

Please check back in two weeks to see if you won, because if we can’t get in contact with you (to get your postal address and so on), we’ll wait about a week and then give your prize to someone else. What a slap to the face that would be! Don’t make us slap you!

The competition is open to all humans everywhere.


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By: Patrick Alexander 02/02/08 11:40:42 AM

So cute!Hello dears! One week ago, I went to Fami-mode, an all-night 8bit music party in Tokyo, featuring YMCK, Sexy Synthesizer, and other bands of a like nature. Did you go too? No? Well read my wonderful article and be transported there, with the magic of words! Whee-hee-hee!

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By: Patrick Alexander 21/01/08 03:26:15 PM

I SAID SAY CHEESE YOU BASTARDS, YOU CALL THAT SAYING CHEESE?!Hello, I wrote another article about videogame-related music, you know how I do. This one is all about chiptunes, mostly. Read it now with your eyes and brain!


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By: Patrick Alexander 15/01/08 08:56:28 AM

Hey fellers! Remember when I posted about Points, that excellent video series about videogame culture in Tokyo and whatnot? By the world-famous Jason DeGroot aka 6955?

Well there's a new episode! Yaaay! It's about...

(1) 'My Famicase', an exhibition of new, original Famicom cartridge designs by hip cats, and

(2) Fami-mode, an all-night chiptune party, this year featuring YMCK, Kplecraft, 6955 himself, and a bunch of other hella-neato musicians and happenings! Remember how I said I might go to a YMCK show later this month? Well this is the one. And I am going. I will try to take some photos for you.

Each episode of Points is accompanied by an episode guide, with information and links and so on, so make sure you check out the Points website for all that and a bag of potatoes.

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By: Patrick Alexander 12/01/08 10:34:23 PM

Since I mentioned it in that last post, here is the new YMCK video! I think it may be their most ambitious to date. It's very nice, anyway. The song is called 'Starlight' and it's from their new album, 'Family Genesis' -- OUT JANUARY 16, IN SHOPS.

Maybe I will go to a YMCK show later this month.

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By: Patrick Alexander 12/01/08 09:40:26 PM


DOUBLE FINE: They made another game! You can play it.

RON GILBERT: His new game is called DeathSpank and is coming out sometime! That is great! (He is the guy who made Monkey Island, goddammit you guys.)

CUTE CHIPTUNE MUSIC: YMCK have a new album coming out this month? And there is a video to see? Yes and yes and yes. (The third 'yes' is like, "Yesss!!")

OH DEAR: Another tale of woe regarding the Xbox 360 customer service centre, or 'center' I guess because this is from America. (Hello America if you're reading.)

Actually, America, if you are reading, can I ask a favour? When you finally get around to linking to our excellent articles and comics on your wacky, irreverent blogs, could you please comment on our content instead of just making a joke about us being Australians? "Those mates and sheilas at Eegra have thrown a rather vicious shrimp on Sony's barbie!" -- a polite but emphatic "No thank you" in advance to that sort of thing.

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