By: Patrick Alexander 04/02/08 01:26:26 PM

Eegra Presents
The Robyn Grellet Memorial
Fanart Competition

You there! Do you like things? Of course you do! Well we HAVE THINGS. Things that soon, YOU will have – if you can snatch them from our greedy talons, with the power of DRAWING PICTURES!

“What ith thith withardry you thpeak of!?” you sputter violently, so baffled and enraged that your tongue just flops right out and you make a big slobbery mess everywhere. Well calm yourself, dear reader, dab your chin with a sponge, and dear read on.

We all love YMCK. Their tunes are good, their videos are good too, and their live shows are written about on excellent websites by brainy and handsome people. They recently released a new album, and OH MY GOD LOOK!!


Do you know what that is? It is three things, and what they are is...

  • YMCK’s brand new album, Family Genesis
  • A limited edition YMCK sticker and button set, from their 2007 European tour
  • A limited edition and totally freaking rad YMCK gachapon ball, containing a Midori keychain and another little keychain too, I think. I haven’t opened it! It’s not mine! It’s not anyone’s... yet.


All you have to do is draw, paint, craft or in some way make some YMCK fanart, and post it in this forum thread. (If you’re not a forum member, it’s free and easy to join, and you don’t have to post anything ever again if you don’t want to.) The All-Seeing Eye will silently, furiously judge all the entries, and choose one fanart as THE GREATEST FANART. The genius responsible for THE GREATEST FANART will win the things!

Entries will be accepted until midnight, February 18, Japan time, or maybe a little longer if I forget to close the thread. You may enter as many times as you like!

By entering, you are granting Eegra Pty Ltd a non-exclusive license to use your entry in whatever way we like, for all eternity!

Please check back in two weeks to see if you won, because if we can’t get in contact with you (to get your postal address and so on), we’ll wait about a week and then give your prize to someone else. What a slap to the face that would be! Don’t make us slap you!

The competition is open to all humans everywhere.


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By: Patrick Alexander 02/02/08 11:40:42 AM

So cute!Hello dears! One week ago, I went to Fami-mode, an all-night 8bit music party in Tokyo, featuring YMCK, Sexy Synthesizer, and other bands of a like nature. Did you go too? No? Well read my wonderful article and be transported there, with the magic of words! Whee-hee-hee!

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