By: Patrick Alexander 25/02/08 10:49:47 AM

I mean 'internet old', not actually old.

Remember when I wrote about 6955's set at Fami-mode, and I mentioned he showed a preview video of Fez, and I was all, "WELL WE SAW A VERY SPECIAL VIDEO AND I DON'T THINK YOU PROLES WILL EVER GET TO SEE IT, FRANKLY." Well guess what, you do get to see it, and probably have already, and here it is:

Nice, eh?

Here is a game called Shit Game:

Here is the download link: DOWNLOAD LINK THIS IS IT YES

Shit Game is by this fellow. Why not check out his things; they may tickle you in a special place.

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By: Patrick Alexander 02/02/08 11:40:42 AM

So cute!Hello dears! One week ago, I went to Fami-mode, an all-night 8bit music party in Tokyo, featuring YMCK, Sexy Synthesizer, and other bands of a like nature. Did you go too? No? Well read my wonderful article and be transported there, with the magic of words! Whee-hee-hee!

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By: Patrick Alexander 15/01/08 08:56:28 AM

Hey fellers! Remember when I posted about Points, that excellent video series about videogame culture in Tokyo and whatnot? By the world-famous Jason DeGroot aka 6955?

Well there's a new episode! Yaaay! It's about...

(1) 'My Famicase', an exhibition of new, original Famicom cartridge designs by hip cats, and

(2) Fami-mode, an all-night chiptune party, this year featuring YMCK, Kplecraft, 6955 himself, and a bunch of other hella-neato musicians and happenings! Remember how I said I might go to a YMCK show later this month? Well this is the one. And I am going. I will try to take some photos for you.

Each episode of Points is accompanied by an episode guide, with information and links and so on, so make sure you check out the Points website for all that and a bag of potatoes.

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By: Patrick Alexander 21/12/07 09:46:30 AM

You guys know about Fez, right? This is Fez:

Totally cool. I don't know who that little munchkin is, but I love him so. Anyway, GameSetWatch has a nice little Q & A with the guys who are making Fez, in which they reveal the true identity of the mysterious Jason DeGroot! Who is Jason DeGroot? He is the man who is doing the music for Fez! That's who!


Anyway it's a good interview and you should check it out.

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