This May Be The Most Depressing Videogame Screenshot Ever
By Dan Staines on: 30/07/10 02:57:23 PM

It's from one of those terrible Matrix games they made for PS2. Here is what it looks like:

Powerade - Official Sports Drink of The Grim Dystopic Future!

Isn't that something? It's like a scene from some depressing Polish film about consumerism.

In this scene, an alcoholic priest contemplates a branded drinks machine in  a concrete dungeon, barely resisting the overwhelming urge to end his own life.

So anyway, stumbling across this picture has given me an idea, and that idea is this: Let's start a gallery of dull and depressing videogame screenshots. Official screenshots are always so pretty and action-packed – I'm sick to death of it. I want screenshots that capture the dreary drudgery of videogames. I want screenshots like the above, but different. And I want lots of them. A screenshot gallery dense with despair – that's what I want. I want it to ooze melancholy like Warren Spector oozes sex appeal. 

Together, we can make this dream a reality. All you have to do is send me your depressing screenshots. If enough people respond, I'll upload them into a gallery, and update it in much the same way I (used to) update the haiku reviews. However, before you send me anything, please note that whatever you send me must be under 500k. Any format is fine, but PNG is preferred. Watermarked images are okay. Also, remember to include the name of the game in your email, preferably in the subject line.

All clear? Excellent. Team Sadface are GO.

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