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By Staff on: 29/07/08 08:07:15 PM

Paint the World

Jonathan Law

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Paint the World is a vertically-scrolling shmup in which the world is dynamically affected by colour. When you shoot enemies, they drop colour chips (red and blue), which you can then manipulate to receive power-ups and alter the difficulty of the game.

Author’s explanation

Paint the World uses the concept that colour represents emotion (or mood). Colours are manipulated by the player during game play to change the look & difficulty of the game and unlock special player abilities unique to their respective colour (and therefore emotion). In this sense, Paint the World is dynamically affected by colour and its manipulation, allowing users to play at varying difficulty levels according to skill.”

Patrick’s comments

I’m quite fond of Paint the World, simply for the way it looks: I really love that colourful, low-poly 3D style. Plus, the red/blue game mechanic is kind of cool. Unfortunately, the game is clearly not finished: it’s too short, lacks variety, and is quite buggy. If this were presented to me as an early beta version, I’d feel positive about it; I’d look forward to the final product. But in its current state, Paint the World is, sadly, pretty poor.

Dan’s comments

The problem with Paint the World is that it’s just too ambitious. There are so many great ideas on display here, but none of them are as fully realised as they ought to be. For example, I love the idea of having the game’s difficulty adjust dynamically depending on how you play, but in this case, it simply isn’t balanced properly. It feels too binary, going from REALLY GODDAMN HARD to CAKEWALK at the drop of a hat. And the thing is, I don’t think issues like these arise for want of effort on the designer’s part – it’s just that to make Paint the World the game it should be, you’d probably need a small team working on it for a year or more. Anyway, as it stands, this is a good game, but man... it could be so much better.

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