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Chaos Wave

Abstract Soup/Syed ‘Muz’ Muzani 

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A very strange 2D strategy game in which three tribes of differently coloured monster things compete for resources and dominance of a hostile alien world.

Author’s explanation

“Everything is about color!

“Color forms the basic components of the Chaos Wave world. Everything revolves around RGB. Creatures evolve from two of the colors but fade into white as they age or mix with a 3rd component.

“For the heavy details, see the included documentation.”

Patrick’s comments

I like the idea of Chaos Wave; I like the idea of a side-on, single-screen real-time strategy game, where you build bases and send your little guys off to get killed and whatnot – like StarCraft, except you can play it in less than five minutes. But Chaos Wave, unfortunately, isn’t much fun. The colour system is confusing, and the interface, while novel, is clumsy and pointless. There’s the germ of a really good game here, but it needs a lot of work.

Dan’s comments

Chaos Wave is based on a simple and appealing idea, but is needlessly complicated by an arcane interface. Inputting colour codes to generate units is clunky and cumbersome, and detracts from what ought to be the focus of the game – blowing shit up with your little dudes. This problem is particularly evident when playing against the AI, as you struggle to keep up with a computer that doesn’t have to remember which unit corresponds to colour code RGR or whatever. In this way, Chaos Wave’s adherence to the theme actually makes it a worse game than it might otherwise be. A shame, really.

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