Game Blog: Douchebag Blames Videogames for Recent Tragedy
By Dan Staines on: 16/06/08 02:42:17 PM

You kids and your things!

Why is it that every time a nutjob in a Sonic costume shoots a few babies, there’s always some douchebag columnist ready and waiting to blame it all on the EEEEVIL influence of videogames? I mean, come on, is this what passes for journalism in the mainstream media? Sensationalist scaremongering from a dude who clearly has no idea what he’s talking about? Honestly, you’d think that a big paper like The Alaskan Smalltowne Gazette would have more sense than to publish such ignorant drivel.

It just makes me so ANGRY, you know? Why do these imbeciles keep getting so much attention?

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