The Magnificent All-Seeing Eye Upon deviantART: Marche
By Patrick Alexander on: 08/10/07 03:00:00 PM

Hello again! This week, the Magnificent All-Seeing Eye rotates in its Divine Chalice towards the pale, stunted figure of Marche, the lead character in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance.

There’s surprisingly few FFTA pictures on DeviantART; fewer of Marche specifically. I’d have thought that any Final Fantasy character would be guaranteed several hundred erotic fan-arts, months before the game in question is even released. But evidently, Marche is such a staggeringly bland nothing of a character that he fails to ignite even the hyperactive imaginations of teenaged Squaresoft fangirls.

Well, this first image ought to get them going...

* * *

marche and virr by lache

This picture, in all likelihood, is the gayest thing ever. It’s also gorgeous, and I wish the artist had uploaded a bigger version. The colouring is very nice – I have a predilection for natural media, and it’s used competently here. However, it doesn’t draw the eye to any specific part of the picture, which makes what should be a vibrant image a little bland and flat.

Aren’t flowers a neat solution to compositional problems! If your drawing doesn’t seem balanced or finished, just add flowers here and there until it looks right. (If you’d prefer more traditionally masculine motifs, substitute dinosaurs and sports equipment.)

* * *

MArche from FFTactics by lazesummerstone

On the one hand, this is a deftly drawn, confidently coloured piece by someone clearly possessing respectable technical skill.

On the other hand, look at it for more than a moment, and you begin to wonder what on earth is going on here. Is Marche about to slice off his own head? What’s with the broken chain – was the sword attached to the ceiling, and Marche has pulled it free? Why, then, is his grip so loose – and why does his pose suggest that he is tiptoeing through a field of pansies, and simultaneously being knocked sideways by an invisible soccer ball? Also, he’s pigeon-toed?

It’s a pretty bad picture, really.

* * *

. final fantasy . by lostsoulx44

Holy god, the eyes, THE EYES! What curse has fallen upon these unfortunate youths, that their faces have begun to melt and stretch and slide in impossible directions? BLERGH BLAH BLOO BLEAH oh the whole thing is a mess; let’s move on.

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