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Default Ban This Game (a game about censorship in Australia)

Ban This Game is a small game about censorship in Australia. I made it in a couple of days using Torque Game Builder. It's a pretty simple game but I'm hoping it will draw attention to this issue among people who didn't already know about it and perhaps spark some interesting discussions.

Download the game from: www.banthisgame.com

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When the first item came my way I banned it even though it seemed pretty innocuous. I thought maybe I wasn't supposed to do this, that I was only supposed to ban things that could be offensive or inappropriate to minors or something. Then I started running into so many things that there was no time to distinguish anyway, so I just tried to ban everything. I think I let Manhunt through though, so I don't think I really accomplished whatever goal I was supposed to have. I think I also banned Wikipedia.
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