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Originally Posted by Dan View Post
Keep in mind that we don't necessarily have to have a single-word theme - in truth, I'd rather we didn't. I'm inclined towards having a list of criteria instead (a la dogma), partly because it'd be harder to fudge, and partly because I just think it's an interesting way to do it.
So you mean something more like:

The game must feature:
The use of language as a gameplay element
No weapons
Multiple game modes
Minimalist graphics

Keep in mind these aren't necessarily suggestions, but that's the sort of thing you're aiming for, yes?
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Smug Bison
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Yeah, exactly. So basically, we'd specify a set of working limitations that'll force entrants to be creative in order to produce something worth playing, while at the same time ensuring that the entries we get were made for the comp.
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I loved the vague theme. Had a lot of fun (and pain) with it Any game took about 1.5 months (full-time) to design had to be worth it.

I'm not sure if it's a good idea, but I'd consider adding an extra month to the competition. It looks like all the games, except for Go Berylium didn't have enough time for fine-tuning, which is what separates the flour from the wheat. Knowing indie game developers, almost all of them will waste the first month, but at least it'll give them some more time to think of an idea... and some time for new contestants to hear about the Shindig.

I'd kinda drop the theme idea simply because you guys are judging by game quality and not by points. Giving X points for Adherence to Theme would help, but yeah, nobody likes judging games by points. Requirements/criteria solves all that trouble

Er.. and on the prize, I think cash is still best. I'd bet that half the entrants worked so hard just because of the cash prize. I remember one competition, which had like $500 cash and $2000 in game development tools for first prize and a few people decided not to enter in order to be able to sell their game (one of the requirements was that they couldn't sell their games).

Also, it's arguable that if you could win a major competition with a game made in your free time, you already have all the tools you need
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Yes, please more restrictions. That was one thing i didn't liek, beryllium won without being related, really, more than small visual aspects, to color.

the 4comp or whatever on gamedev has always turned out GREAT submissions
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The Day-of-Zeux tradition is to have a specific theme and a general theme, where a game can choose either (but not both). The game is then judged in accordance to the theme, where the specific theme weighs in favour of theme relevance and creative interpretation, and the general theme is more in favour of graphics, gameplay, sound and direct gameplay elements.

It's a pretty neato solution that suits basically everyone who participates in the event. Might be worth consideration for this one, too?
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I think the challenge will come in creating criteria specific enough that current projects can't be tweaked to meet them and new projects must be started, but general enough that we don't get a whole bunch of people having the same idea.

Please don't make swinging a guideline. I've had a swinging game in the mental works for a long time and the more I see of swinging the more I think that my game's going to look me-too-ish. I mean, everyone's all up in swinging.

It's a somewhat whimsical sci-fi type roleplay board. I made it. It's fun.
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Allong the lines more prizes, how about different categories. Like technical excelence, artistic excelence, gameplay originality, and best overall. There don't have to be cash prizes but recognition would be nice.
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Yeah, I think that's an excellent idea. Ideally, we'll have a bunch of sponsors next time round, so we'll be able to provide more prizes.
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Strangely, i would love to see the new shindig based around physic's. Mainly in 2D platformer games... Say for example you got this huge badass boulder blocking your way, you could shapeshift the ground underneath it to create an alternative route. Thats just an example though, i could never implement it into a game, i've only ever made one game and it was very scratchy coding (in game maker btw).

Edit: if i could put it into a simple art form, it would be something like this:

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Sponsors are always a good idea - they offer a few prizes in exchange for their banner at the start of the games - everyone wins from that.

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