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Default Soo... which game would you bet on?

Man, there are some sweet looking games out there and I really can't decide from screenshots. But hey, let's have some fun and see who's the best as predicting the winner. Also, no picking your own game - otherwise all of us would vote on our own games

I'd guess...
Colourbind. Followed by Color-FULL because I'm scratching my head from the screenshot and the shooter/puzzle genre. And maybe Spectrum Spelunker too.

Artistic merit:
Colourwise and Tinte obviously, for the brilliant graphics. I love the art style

Technical merit:
Colourwise, Space Safari, Colourbind. Not sure which one is best since I haven't seen too much of the gameplay.

Adherence to theme:
Oooh... tough one. I'd say the ones who really build it into the gameplay. Looks like Colourwise, Colourbind, Spectrum Spelunker, and Color-FULL.

Hmm.... it's really impossible to say since some people have been more quiet on their entry than others, so, I'd choose Colourwise, strictly from screenshots these past few months. I'd bet that originality and the theme are going to be the tiebreakers for the title
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I'm not sure I can bet, I'm just so cut that Laundry Time wasn't finished in time.
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ColourBind and Go Beryllum are my picks, but I can see at least 6 games which have a significant probability of winning the first prize
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Tinte looks awesome, if game play is even adequate it should win something on artistic merit alone. Go Beryllium looks to be a top contender as well. Then again all speculation is meaningless since we have yet to actually play these games. Nor do we have any say in the judging even if we did.
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