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Patrick Alexander
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Default FYI: Forums locked!

Hello! I have locked the forums all up, since they are posted in by actual human persons almost never, and by spambots EVERY SINGLE DAY, MANY TIMES, and despite our best efforts we have been unsuccessful in preventing them from doing so.

We are VERY SORRY to have failed you in this way, especially since if you are here reading this at all, you are clearly a most loyal and dedicated Eegroidal forumite. A thousand humble apologies.

However, just as I am in the process of Wordpressing up the Eegra front page for sexy modern Web 2.0 doings, HAVE NO DOUBT that I am also looking to similarly unfuck the forums, as soon as we can manage. Possibly we'll use bbPress, for maximum easy Wordpress integration? Well, we'll do something, anyway.

Thank you for your understanding and patience, and STAY STRONG. *meaningful fist gesture*

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