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Stop tickling my fancy.
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I got around to getting Cave Story on Wiiware. Thought I'd have a quick play to see how the new graphics looked. Then I looked at the time and realised how late... um, I mean how early in the morning it was.
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Stop tickling my fancy.
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Man, I need to get some MS Points, cause Limbo is GORGEOUS and really quite fun. It's so fluid in motion, it's like going back in time and playing Flashback or Another World but without the frustrating as hell controls. Does that make sense? I'm not sure. I love it anyway. The way the demo ends is just perfect too, it really makes you go "Aw shit! I want to buy this immediately so that doesn't happen!".

Everyone who has an Xbox should SO get the trial at least.
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Team Fortress 2 will never get old. As long as there are people to heal I could play this game forever.
I'M [s]PLAYING[/s] installing Fallout 3. Goody.
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Originally Posted by T Strife View Post
Soul Bubbles!
Man, I actually had this post sitting the back of my mind for a good couple of months, having not realized that it was already released here in the States. Damned thing was a Toys 'R' Us exclusive, can you believe it? It was one of the times I wish I got there sooner to support a project when it mattered.

This post is a year late, but this game should be in everyone's collection.

EDIT: Ooh, almost forgot. If you like this game, you should look into its spiritual precursor, Bubble Ghost.

Also, check out the translated behind-the-scenes!

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Since I have a long time absent, let me list all the lasts great games I played.

Batman Arkham Assylum
Super Street Fighter 4
Pacman CE DX
Zen pinball

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