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The flying banana
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Hooray, Eegra lives on!

This doesn't seem big enough to make its own topic, so I'll say it here: nice review of SMG2. I know what you mean about secret star difficulty, I cried tears of blood trying to get the purple coins on the slide.
Let's cut out the middle man and blame the universe.
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Stop tickling my fancy.
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Reward us with content. That's all I ask for
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Originally Posted by Demaar View Post
Reward us with content. That's all I ask for
Lol, I was going to say this. There's not a hell lot of good game sites out there. I wouldn't mind some Oglaf-style comics either, and even then, I wouldn't know about Oglaf if it wasn't for Eegra.
Any sarcasm in my posts will not be mentioned as that would ruin the purpose. It is assumed that the reader is intelligent enough to tell the difference between what is sarcasm and what is not.
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I'll take the reward if nobody else wants it.

Oh, and I clicked the bookmark for this forum by accident. Imagine my surprise! Like walking in to the scent of a partially thawed neanderthal. This doesn't make me any less deserving of a reward.
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You get a paleolithic STD.

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