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Patrick Alexander
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Pete: Nothing personal old bean; you've done me no wrong. I don't want to make it more difficult for you to do your job (whatever it is), so I'll take my perturbation somewhere more appropriate. All the best; write well for EEGRA; make it good.

Ham: Pete's not a troll. Make of that what you will.

EDIT: By the way Pete, would you like me to change your forum name to something other than an email address?

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The thing I'm taking away from this conversation is that Eegra is potentially not as dead as I thought. I choose to find this encouraging.

Also, hello pete@! People with odd tastes in video games are the stuff that make life worth living; never forget that.
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Not enough meat for Pete.
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Ham - Your little mythology of how I found my way to Eegra is not even close to the truth. Making up crazy tales to try and denigrate people is gold-class all the way. That being said, Im sure you can in the future point out the flaws in my 'shitty' journalism for your future smug enjoyment.

To enhance your new hobby, I dedicate all future punctuation and phrasing errors to you...Ham. Every time, you, see a stray comma, fullstop and the like, its just for....!you. Im prone to more than a few of them. Nirvana is coming your way.

Patrick - Many thanks. I created the forum account late at night. I noticed the naming error, and was going to correct it with another stab at setting up a new name. Alas the talk of me being a troll-like denizen gave me second and third thoughts. Just plain 'ol Pete would be great.

CPFace - Thank you for the hello! If I told you I didnt enjoy Portal, would you still agree that odd tastes are beneficial ? I even try and disagree with myself on that one
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Fountain of lies
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"I take no responsibility whatsoever for those who get dizzy and pass out from running around this post."
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If I told you I didnt enjoy Portal, would you still agree that odd tastes are beneficial ?
I've never even played the game, so I don't care. I liked the Flash version, but I'm not about to drive a stake through anyone who disagrees.
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The flying banana
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I have to say I have no idea who you are, but if you revive Eegra, I'm all for you. I look forward to see what sort of contribution you make.
Let's cut out the middle man and blame the universe.
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Smug Bison
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This thread is closed. A few final remarks:

1) Patrick: Not here, please.

2) shMerker: On what planet is it appropriate to post private fucking emails on a public fucking forum without asking your correspondent's permission beforehand? Jesus Christ, dude.

3) Pete: I'm very sorry you had to see all this. For what it's worth, I meant no disrespect to you or your work. You probably don't believe that, and frankly you have every right not to, but it's true nevertheless. If you still want to contribute to the site, then great! If not, well - I don't blame you.


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