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Default Evony

So. The other day, I was somewhere or other online, and I saw an ad for Evony. I was prepared to laugh, except it didn't have any boobs. It had a snippet of a screenshot, and looked like it might be a playable game. I reasoned that if they were using normal advertising, and if it might be playable, why not give it a try?

I found it's actually a somewhat interesting decently complex civ kinda thing. And the payment system mostly just removes timesinks from the game. (so it seemed not so bad in that respect) The tech trees aren't too wide, and rely a good bit on re-resesarching X up to level 8+, but it's not too bad. (4 resources, population, work force, units, travel time, load limits and speed for units...) Though apparently everyone masses archers and there are loads of inactive player cities to be found. (no doubt people who left when they didn't find anything worth doing "discreetly")

As my beginner protection slowly waned, I gradually came to discover the dark underbelly of this flash-pelted beast.

The quest page is a huge list of objectives arranged in a mostly-flat hierarchy. (even though they're all interdependant, and some are a very bad idea to rush through.) The global channel requires (purchasable) items to speak in. You are charged by the sentence. ("alliances" often advertise with large amounts of "________" inserted instead of using periods) For some reason, out of the handful of recruiting alliances on my server, it seems like half of them have some kind of cannabis theme. In "celebration" of opening 100 servers, in addition to the bonus for spending $30 at once on the game, there's a new stacking bonus for every $90 you spend at once on the game. They have an invite-only system supposedly for getting in-game credit, which involves entering a code, and then running a program which asks you for your messenger/webmail name and password. (with rewards for each person spammed, and even more for each click through)
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The only reason I cannot play games like Evony is because I must suck at videogames. Once the beginner protection vanishes, I just get the shit kicked out of me. A whole lot. And then I stop playing.
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Thank you for your review... you've saved me the trouble of clicking on the boobs. It sounds a lot like Travian, which is a lot like Planetarion. I played these before until I realized that the only way to beat someone else in a 1 on 1 fight is to either, start playing before them, or spend cash on upgrades. This is not my idea of good gameplay.

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